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"Are you ready to enter the depths of hell?"

March 12th, 2019


Hell Fest Starts off pretty slow, but starts to pick up about 25-30 mins in. The characters are fun, but the story is slightly weak. As the movie progresses the story gets stronger and the sets are extremely aesthetically pleasing. As a huge theme park and haunted attraction fan this is the kind of place I would love to visit! Visually the movie is a lot of fun. Story line wise it’s solid but nothing new. The ending, I will say was completely unexpected and different. Overall, We thoroughly enjoyed our time watching! I would recommend seeing Hell Fest at least once.

The movie was Nothing SPECTACULAR or horrifyingly scary, BUT It was Definitely a fun movie for Halloween and haunted house fans 💀🎃🖤

- 6/10 on FEAR SCALE - 8/10 Set design - 6.5/10 Character development - 4/10 GORE Factor - 5/10 Originality - 6.5/10 Overall

If you would like us to start including spoilers, Let us know. If so, On the reverse side - How would you like us to handle our reviews WITHOUT Spoilers!! We love to hear from you - Let us know what you want to hear and we will make it happen!

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