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Hotel Of Horror 10/11/19

Friday, October 11th , 2019

Review Written by Our Newest Team Member:

Jon Larsen

Hotel of Horror

Located at: 5105 Cherry Valley Rd, Saylorsburg, PA 18353

2 Attractions:

Hotel of Horror & Altered Nightmares)

Overall Haunted Attraction Rating: 8/10

Acting Overall: 8/10

Costumes/Makeup Overall: 7/10

Entertainment On Lines: 6/10

Food Options Overall: 6/10

Set Design Overall: 9/10

Props & Animatronics Overall: 8/10

For your reference:

The Hotel of Horror and Altered Nightmares are both indoor attractions that are

open rain or shine with a covered wait line and free parking. The attractions are

located inside the 200 year old “abandoned” Pocono Mountain resort once called

The Lake House Hotel. Note, these attractions are not wheelchair accessible.

We arrived at Hotel of Horror on Friday October 11th, around 7:30pm. Upon

receiving our tickets we went down the stairs and into the covered line. Throughout

the line there are multiple televisions that play moments from classic horror movies

and a spooky old payphone where every button plays a different Halloween themed

sound. We were only in line for about 20 minutes. Once we got to the front of the

line we noticed they had a very unique way to control the pacing between groups, a

simple “Walk/Don’t Walk” street sign that lit up when it was time to let the next

group in. After listening to the rules and regulations speech we eagerly awaited the

light to change from “Don’t Walk” to “Walk” so we can see what the Hotel had in

store for us.

Hotel of Horror:

Actors: 8/10

Makeup/Costumes: 7/10

Use of Props & Animatronics: 8/10

Set Design: 9/10

Overall Attraction Rating: 8 /10

This attraction uses a nice mix of gorgeously designed rooms and pitch black

hallways to build animosity, wondering "what’s next?". From a very elegant looking

bar (that might be the original bar used when the building was a resort),

to an immersive attic scene with upside down crosses; the sets in this attraction

were absolutely beautiful! One of the highlights of this attraction was a demonic

clown that clearly belonged in his padded cell.

Altered Nightmares:

Actors: 8/10

Makeup/Costumes: 7/10

Use of Props & Animatronics: 8/10

Set Design: 9/10

Overall Attraction Rating: 8 /10

“The other side – What really happens when it’s time for your journey through the

gates?” This attraction also boasts great sets with some pretty cool actors and

animatronics alike. Almost like magic, one actor greeted us as we walked in the

room, disappeared before our eyes and re-appeared behind our group. Among other

greats in this attraction, some of our favorite rooms include the tilting room, the

body bag room and the Christmas room completely equipped with a naughty Santa

and elf. As the attraction comes to an end it’s time for a sing-a-long, “I scream, you

scream, we all scream for chainsaws!”

If you are interested in doing any add on experiences during your time at Hotel of

Horror they offer two options you can check out:

1. Coffin Coach: “The dark ride that takes you on your own afterlife experience

and back again. Not for the faint of heart – this ride encapsulates you alone in

a final destination journey. Dark, confined, confusing and totally terrifying – a

ride you won’t soon forget.” This experience is located at the front of the line

for the Hotel of Horror attraction.

2. Theatre of the Damned: Featuring an all original movie short staring the

infamous characters of the Hotel of Horror. This experience costs $5 and is

available for purchase at the box office or as an add on to your online


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