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I dare you to.. Open the Gates To your Nightmare!

Saturday September 23rd 2017 Nightmare's Gate Haunted House Located at 4179 Vansant Rd, Douglasville, GA 30135

Next up on FEAR’s 2017 Haunt tour was Nightmares Gate Haunted House, located in Douglasville GA. We did not arrive to the attraction until a little after 11:00pm. By the time we had arrived there were barely any customers there, which made for a great intimate experience.

First thing we noticed upon arriving was that the parking lot is extremely small. I did not take note of any extended parking nearby. I would suggest when coming to Nightmares Gate to come early or later in the evening to ensure you get a parking spot! Next up we checked out the bathrooms, which were again surprisingly clean and well managed! On our way to the ticket booth we stumbled upon many actors who were elaborately dressed. The characters were well portrayed and the actors did not break character! Tickets for General admission cost $25.00, Fast Pass $50.00, and their season pass (REQUIRES ID) costs $75.00. Very affordable considering the experience we were about to have.

After purchasing our tickets, the actors began to interact and engage with us while leading us into the line. They gave us both props to carry to the front and made us chase them! This got our blood pumping. Being we got there so late there was absolutely no line at all. We were able to go in immediately. Now without giving any spoilers, I just want to say that the first room/scene was SO much fun! The whole haunt is extremely interactive. In every scene, you walk into someone is interacting with you as if you are immersed into a real-life horror movie.

They start off light; the first room is a lot of comedy. The props and actress had us cracking up. As we began to move forward in the haunt, things began to get creepier, and creepier! Everything that goes into this haunt is all hand made by the people who run Nightmares gate. All the props, the electrical work, everything is VERY WELL DONE. The acting was great, the costumes were awesome! They used very little animatronics and relied mostly on their extravagant props, set design, and of course the actors to bring their real-life horror story to a whole other level! There were several portions of the haunt that my team and I just stopped and stood in awe looking at every detail around us. Everything from the lighting to settings around us truly made it feel like we were in the middle of something horrible and disastrous. It took us about 30-40 minutes to get through the haunt. We also walked quickly through parts, and very slow through others.

When all was said and done, we really enjoyed ourselves. This is not a typical LARGE budget haunt where you are going to see animatronics galore and big budget props from Transworld. This haunt works really hard to keep things unique. They rely a lot on their electrical work and props that they hand make. I would 100% without a doubt come visit this haunt again. I would suggest others come check it out as well.

Not only is the attraction amazing but they have partnered with the American Red Cross this year to help support those affected by the hurricanes. Amazing haunt, AND one that helps stand for a good cause? You can’t get any better than that! For each person who brings in one of their printed fliers Nightmares gate will donate $5 to the American Red Cross Hurricane Relief Fund. If you are interested in getting one of these fliers let me know. I have a couple boxes that I will be handing out. If you are unable to come my way, the fliers are being distributed all over Douglas County. You can pick them up at any Waffle House in the area, or Carrollton.

If you’re looking for a movie quality attraction, with dedicated and passionate actors! A haunt with a unique feel to it, like that you’ve never seen before; then Nightmares Gate is your haunt! They will not disappoint. Happy Haunting FEAR Fam 🎃💀

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