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It's a Mad - Mad World

Friday September 22nd 2017 Madworld Haunted Attraction Located at 147 Country Manor Road, Piedmont, SC 29673

Second up on FEAR’s haunt tour for 2017 was Madworld Haunted attraction, located in Piedmont South Carolina. Madworld is located on a large piece of property that is very hard to miss when driving by! Greeting you at the entrance of their parking lot were several workers equipped with flashlights welcoming you to the attraction and guiding you to a safe place to park. Their parking lot is very large and well equipped to fit a heavy crowd. The parking lot is also very well lit, and easy to navigate. Upon exiting our vehicle we began walking to the front of the attraction to purchase our tickets. For those wondering about bathrooms, they have several throughout the grounds. There were several lined up right at the beginning of the parking lot before entering the grounds, and once entering the grounds there were more to be found. Their bathrooms were spotless and well managed.

The line for the ticket booth moved very quickly. Their ticket staffs were quick and kept the line moving at all times. The ticket price for their attraction “phobia” was $28; they also have several other options including children, no scare medallions, VIP, season passes and a few others. I will make sure to attach their website for your reference.

After purchasing our tickets, we then began our journey into the mouth of a large stone skull cave which leads to the midway of the park. Here is where many well-dressed actors could be found roaming around. The costumes and makeup utilized throughout the park were like that out of a movie. The makeup artists did a phenomenal job with detail on their characters. Inside the park there was a gift shop, several photo ops, a photo purchasing booth, customer service desk, a no scare zone, some food trucks and of course the main attraction Phobia! There was also a giant tv located in the back which was playing various trivia and movie clips.

All the actors roaming the grounds were very professional and never broke character. The line for the attraction was not terrible. It moved quick and the actors kept the crowd entertained as they waited. There is plenty of space to utilize the crowds as the season goes on.

Before entering the attraction the line was were broken up into small groups’ manageable groups. Everyone was well spaced out, and timing was excellent. Before entering the haunt, an actress will go over the rules with you. Before we knew it, we were inside the haunt and about to begin our journey. Right upon entering they snap a professional photo of you and your group. They give you a receipt to bring to the ticket booth after your experience to view and or purchase your photos!

Now is when the fun began! I will keep this short and avoid spoilers to the best of my ability. The attraction phobia had many parts to it; each section of the haunt had its own theme. The actors get very close to you in many areas of the haunt. You experience a lot of intense moments of violence, uneven walking grounds, special effects, low lighting, extreme fog, and fire. Do you have a fear of heights? What about clowns? Well then, you’re certainly in for a wild ride! The attraction called to every fear I could think of. Most of Madworlds sets and designs are handmade. They really did a great job utilizing their space. Being it was opening night there were a few hiccups that happened with their technology, but it is all to be expected. Nothing was bad enough to ruin our experience. It truly was a fun time. It took us at least 30 minutes to make it through the haunt. Their sets weave in and out of several large buildings, outdoor sets and mazes. There were also plenty of jump scares utilized throughout the haunt!

After exiting the attraction, we went over to view our photos. They have 2 photos you can choose from. Prices were very affordable, and they do photo sales which was really great. The pictures then go in awesome 3D frames which also have several options you can choose from! All in all, our time spent at Madworld was exciting and unlike anything I have experienced to date. You can tell the staff loves what they are doing. They work very hard and are committed to giving their guests an amazing time. If you’re looking for a big budget over the top animatronics and props haunt, unfortunately this will not be the place for you. BUT, if you are looking to have a fun night out getting the pants scared off of you then Madworld is your place! Keep an open mind, and enjoy the ride! 🎃💀👻

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