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Reapers Revenge & Field of Screams Giveaway Winners!!


We experienced an emergency that put a hold on announcing our winners of the Reapers Revenge & Field of Screams giveaway. But, what better way to celebrate Halloween then with a ticket to Our #1 or #2 Haunt for 2019?!

The winners we have chosen are:

Corrina Rose - Reapers Revenge Ticket & Shirt

Melanie Morales - Field of Screams combo ticket

Here are the eligible dates you can use your ticket for each location.

Field of Screams Schedule:

Friday November 1st 6-10pm (ticket booth hours)

Saturday November 2nd 6-11pm (ticket booth hours)

Sunday November 3rd 6-9pm (ticket booth hours) 6-9pm (ticket booth hours)

Friday November 8th 6-10pm (ticket booth hours)

Saturday November 9th 6-10pm (ticket booth hours)

Reapers Revenge:

Please reach out to redeem your prize!

Thank you again for your Patience, we hope you Have a Spooktacular Halloween!!

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