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Sleepy Hollow 10/2/20

Friday October 2nd, 2020

Sleepy Hollow Haunted Acres

881 Highland Rd, Newtown PA 18940

OPEN: The Field, The Hallow

CLOSED: Haunted Hayride, House in the Hallow

Overall Haunted Attraction Rating: 8.5/10

Acting Overall: 9/10

Costumes/Makeup Overall: 9/10

Entertainment On Lines: 7/10

Food Options Overall: 6/10

Set Design Overall: 10/10

Props & Animatronics Overall: 10/10

Social Distancing: 8/10

Covid Precautions: 9/10

Due to COVID Guidelines, Sleepy Hallow made the execu decision to close their hayride and indoor haunted house for customer safety.

Parking - $3 – CASH ONLY

Plan to arrive early on High Volume nights, & Pre-purchase your tickets online for a quicker transition! Tickets ARE available onsite but are limited due to availability.

For your reference:

Sleepy Hollow is taking COVID19 and the precautions so seriously, that they changed everything about the way they run their haunt. Not only did they add many new features to their already established attractions to make them safer, but they managed to up the scare factor all while social distancing! We arrived at Sleepy Hollow on Friday, October 2nd, around 8pm. Although crowds will be at a smaller capacity due to COVID19, we highly recommend opting for the VIP pass so you can head right into the VIP line.

Covid-19 Precautions:

Due to COVID19 Sleepy Hollow chose to close their hayride and infamous Haunted house. They have time ticket slots for arriving to the haunt. They have bathrooms stocked with hand sanitizer and hand sanitizer carefully placed throughout the park. They completely changed the structure of their Haunts to accommodate For proper social distancing and no contact touch areas. All wait lines were properly social distanced, groups were sent into the attractions with their group members with ample time in between each group. Masks Were strictly enforced for all customers and staff to be wearing at all times. Proper COVID19 safety signs were visible throughout the park.

Individual Attraction Reviews:

The Field

Actors: 9/10

Makeup/Costumes: 9/10

Use of Props & Animatronics: 10/10

Set Design: 10/10

Overall Attraction Rating: 9/10

The Field is a creepy old fashion stroll through an abandoned village of destruction and death. The only light you see is the candle lit lanterns thad mark your path through the abandoned corn stalks. You experience many Victorian Era themes along your journey, excellent actors and jump scares unlike any you’ve experienced else where. The field certainly gets under your skin in ways you can’t imagine. The acting is supreme, the sets are beautifully haunting. The highlight for us is most definitely the puppet show house you get the opportunity to walk through!

The Hollow

Actors: 9/10

Makeup/Costumes: 8/10

Use of Props & Animatronics: 9/10

Set Design: 10/10

Overall Attraction Rating: 9/10

Unfortunately due to COVID19, this year you can not go into Sleepy Hollows famous Haunted House. This year they went over and above to create an outdoor walkthrough incorporating newly designed areas that were both safe and functional alongside the original Houses outdoor structures. This was so so perfectly that it blew our minds. The sets, and actors and so elite here at Sleepy Hollow that you end up feeling entirely immersed in the scene you’re experiencing. You never know what to expect and sometimes it’s hard to decipher if what you’re seeing is real or one of the elaborate special effects their design team has created this time! The catacombs and graveyard scenes are by far our favorites. It is so difficult to narrow down favorites with this haunt! Everything is done so beautifully! Jump scares are done almost effortlessly, the scenes themselves are so dark and haunting that they invoke a nightmarish atmosphmere soley before even adding the special effects and actors into the mix!

After exiting the Hollow, you can choose to sit by the fire, enjoy some live music, a fire dare devil show, or grab a bite to eat from their Food stands. We purchased some chicken fingers, a burger some coffee and apple cider earlier in the evening. everything was pretty good but a bit on the expensive side. This is all relative considering the area Of Pennsylvania this haunt is located in.

After completing our attractions we were fortunate enough to catch the Freaks on Fire Live Show. Heather Parker has been breathing fire for 10 years, and Benjamin Cole has been doing his double staff spinning act for 6 years! They are both so talented and put on an excellent show! After viewing the fire show, we decided to check out the live music entertainment and then headed over to sit by one of the many bonfires before leaving for the evening!

We thoroughly enjoyed our evening at Sleepy Hollow. This haunt is put on by an amazing team of individuals made up of a professional acting company, Disney imagineers, and special effect designers. We can honestly say this haunt is the most innovative we’ve seen in such a unique way. The special effects are immeasurable. There is no doubt that blood sweat and tears goes into the operation of this haunts and we were so glad to be able to be visit them again this year!

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