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When in Nashville..

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Saturday Sept 16th, 2017 Nashville Nightmare Haunted House Review:

With the smell of Gasoline and Kettle corn in the air, coupled with the sounds of giggling maniacal clowns; The 2017 Haunting season kicks off for Nashville Nightmare. From the moment you step out of your car and start your walk to their opening gates the fun is only BEGINNING. If you opted to buy your tickets online you would then head straight to the front gate, otherwise you go into the main building to purchase your tickets. Lines moved very quickly an efficiently. The queue line was esthetically pleasing as there were lots of props to check out. Ticket price is $29.99 which includes all 4 attractions (Phantoms, Reformatory, Industrial undead and Fairy Tale Hell). Considering what we were about to experience that price was an absolute STEAL. Fire swallowers and jugglers are there welcoming you before you even step foot inside their park. The professionalism that goes into this haunt is greater than I ever could have imagined. The staff was extremely fun, professional, and well rounded. Every character that crosses your path has a personality that shines through very unique from everyone else. The makeup and costumes are similar to what you could find from a movie set. This is all even before you set foot into the park! A giant Ouiji board lines their front door, topped with 2 giant chimneys that violently shoot fire into the air every 10 minutes or so. You must go through their security before entering, as they keep things very safe at Nashville Nightmare! Upon crossing their threshold into the park you are smacked in the face with the strong amazing smell of kettle corn. The first thing you see is that of a twisted side show carnival. The sets and props were so well put together. Unlike anything I have ever seen. For those wondering about their bathroom situation they have plenty of porter potties on the grounds, all of which were pretty immaculate considering how busy they were! Lined throughout the park are some of the most beautiful and complex animatronics I have ever seen. Lines were long, but the entertainment was EVERYWHERE, we barely cared about the wait time. First up was Fairy tale hell. They let you in by groups of 4 to 8 depending on your parties’ size. Greeted at the front door by an evil witch, she guides you into the attraction; but not before offering you a bite of her poison apple. The attention to detail that went into this attraction was clear the second you walked into their haunt. The props, animatronics, and lavish elaborate sets were so tastefully executed. You felt as if you were exploring another realm. Each section was so well done. They covered more myths and fairy tales then I have ever seen in any other haunt to date. Everything from the ceilings to the floor was very well executed. The total haunt took a good 30 minutes to walk through. They certainly don’t skimp out on you with anything they have to offer! By far this was my groups’ favorite attraction, and that’s saying a lot because we loved every single one. Next up was Phantoms. The queue lines leading into the attractions were beautiful and elaborate with over the top props. Upon entering you see a giant horse skeleton that you can’t help but stare in awe at. As you continue further into the attraction it is clear yet again that Nashville Nightmare is really in it to win it! I was super impressed with the life size sets they managed to recreate inside the building. One part of the haunt has an entire abandoned subway station including a flight of stairs a pay phone and many other realistic parts to make it look as if you are really in the subway. That absolutely blew my mind. One scene mimicked a horrible tornado styled hurricane. A tree had crashed through a house window and you could hear the storm as you walked through. We were absolutely blown away with their set design. These are only to name a few things; everything about this haunt was perfection. Next up we headed over to their entertainment area to walk through their BONUS ATTRACTION: a carnival style maze. Inside they had a few clown actors chasing you around. It was not an easy maze to escape. It was so much fun and just added more to what Nashville Nightmare has to offer. Next up was the Industrial Undead attraction. Upon entering the line queue a zombie above you in a tower begins to shoot at you with a gun. It is Very loud and startling! It got me to jump every time. Again this haunt was extremely well done. They utilized their space and props well. I love their use of animatronics. Since it was reaching the end of the night (around 11:30pm) we started to see less actors, but that didn’t change the experience for us. Their sets and props really hold their own. Last was the reformatory. I had never been in a haunt like this before. It was a lot of fun. As you entered the queue line, two giant monster animatronics are struggling to hold up falling pillars. They were so magnificent you couldn’t help but stop to stare at them. Once you work your way through the line you see the nuns guarding the front door. Upon entering you could feel the uneasy heaviness the attraction was about to bring. Enter; a reform school, over run by a demonic presence. Nashville nightmare did it, AGAIN! This attraction was absolutely amazing. The sets, AGAIN; were perfection. Sick and twisted in every sense of the word. Religious individuals and those who are easily offended by the idea of demons or Satan you might want to skip this one! They do not hold back or sensor themselves in this haunt at all! I’m also glad they didn’t, it gave this such a raw and intense atmosphere. I won’t ruin anything for you, it is a MUST see. Super demented, and wonderful. Each attraction we entered took us roughly 30 minutes to navigate. The shortest was Industrial undead, which still took at least 20 minutes. When all was said and done we ventured over to the gift shop to buy a souvenir. Mind you, this is the first time I have ever bought anything from a haunts gift shop! I absolutely loved this haunt! They had many different options for men and woman. T-shirts, Tank Tops, Hoodies, and zip up sweatshirts; each with its own unique logo and design. Prices were very reasonable ranging from the 20’s up to the high 30’s. All the clothing were made from high quality materials. I will make sure to include a photo of the hoodie I purchased. Overall, my adventure to Nashville Nightmare was a pleasant and wonderful experience. This was my first haunt in the South, and they really blew me away! I would recommend this haunt to everyone this is looking to have a good time. You will be entertained, you will be scared, you will laugh, dance and honestly have the time of your life at Nashville Nightmare. The staff is amazing so please engage and respect them. Let them know they are appreciated; they work super hard to bring you a top notch attraction. Tell them how awesome they are, and just go enjoy yourselves! Happy Haunting 👻🎃💀💜

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