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15, 2ml Perfume Samples, 1 great price!!

Boudoir - cream, florals, white amber 

Bloodlust- amber, resin, oud, myrrh, frankincense 

Brahm - Bold leather, vetiver, patchouli, wood, florals, oak moss 

Coven key notes: incense, spices, amber, sandalwood & smoke

Countess Cordelia key notes: Sultry Amber, Rose, Dirt, Cobwebs, Lace & Satin 

Houdini key notes: Sandalwood, Old Playing Cards, Dragons Blood & Smoke 

Apple Cider: Cinnamon sticks, Red delicious apple, Hard cider, Clove buds 

Pumpkin Pie: Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Cream, Buttery Pie Crust, Vanilla, Cloves 

Haunted Abode: Dusty carpets, Musty old furniture, Cobwebs, Abandoned Aged Wood, Leather Bound Books, & Moss 

Graveyard - Our Signature Scent, Reminiscent of being buried Alive. This is a very earthy fragrance with signature notes of Roses & Damp Dirt. Each bottle is made with therapeutic grade essential oils and contains Organic crushed rose petals. 

Infernal Remains: Hell Fire, Charred Remains, Wood, Smoke & Ash 

Samhain: Bubbling Cauldron, Cloves, Incense, Fallen Leaves & Crisp Air 

Grim Manor: Velvet, Powder, Florals, Wood & Cashmere. 

Autumn Twilight - Keynotes: Leaves, Moss, Grass & Dirt (a beautiful autumn night with crispy leaves blowing and crisp air) 

Withering Nymph - Key Notes: Rain, Decay, Moss, Ferns, Sweet Grass (mystical rainforest)

15 Perfume Oil Sampler Pack

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