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Listing is for our Bloody Valentine Collection featuring 7 incense:

Bloody Valentine - Blood Red Strawberries, Decadent Chocolate

Seduction - Berries, Sandalwood, Florals, Nag Champa

Lupercalia - Amber, Neroli, Sandalwood, Oriental Florals

Boudoir - cream, florals, white amber

Bloodlust- amber, resin, oud, myrrh, frankincense

Brahm - Bold leather, vetiver, patchouli, wood, florals, oak moss

Graveyard - Our Signature Scent, Reminiscent of being buried Alive. This is a very earthy fragrance with signature notes of Roses & Damp Dirt. Each bottle is made with therapeutic grade essential oils and contains Organic crushed rose petals.

Each pack contains 15 sticks. Our incense burn for 1 hour up to 2 hours! Due to the handmade nature of the incense sticks, Burn time varies per stick. Keep incense away from vents, drafty rooms, or open windows to optimize and extend Incense burn time. They are handdipped in our exclusive essential oil blends.

These Incense are Vegan & Cruelty Free.

Bloody Valentine Incense Bundle (7)

$105.00 Regular Price
$100.00Sale Price
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