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A fragrance from our Victorian Collection that focuses on the Realm of Countess Cordelia.

For those of you who are unaware about the Victorian line and who Countess Cordelia is, she is the beautiful skeleton featured in our logo. The Victorian line tells a haunting story about the realm of Countess Cordelia. It features scorned lovers, betrayal, drama, gossip, murder, vengance and MUCH MORE. A graphic novel is currently in the works. We will be slowly introducing you to the characters of the story and their involvement to the plot line.

Countess Cordelia - On Halloween Night in 1842, Countess Cordelia was hosting a masquerade ball at Grim Manor, alongside her Lover Brahm. He had just found out she was pregnant with his child. But little did Countess know that Brahm was having a secret affair with her handmaiden, Dahlia. They had devised a wicked plan to rid themselves of the Countess forever! Unbeknownst to Countess, Brahm was to Poison her that evening. Unfortunately Brahms plan backfired, although her body died her soul did not. Even as her body began to decompose her soul still inhabited her bones. Forever Carrying around the final rose Brahm gave her before she took her final human Breath, and dragging the porcelain baby doll she planned to gift to Brahm in celebration of there soon to be little one. Cursed to live forever with a broken heart. Legend has it, you can still smell her perfume in the Halls of, Grim Manor.

Countess Cordelia features exquisite notes of Sultry Amber, Rose, Dirt, Cobwebs, Lace & Satin


Available in a 10ml blue glass roller bottle protect the integrity of the vegan and cruelty free ingredients


(Vegan/Cruelty Free)


All perfume oils are made with fractionated coconut oil as a base, if you have an allergy please ask to make with jojoba oil.


Please test a patch of your skin before applying, if irritation occurs discontinue use.

Countess Cordelia Perfume Oil

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