Key notes: Sultry Amber, Rose, Dirt, Cobwebs, Lace & Satin


Countess Cordelia: Our beautiful countess Cordelia has been dying to meet you, FEAR Ghouls. On Halloween of 1842, Cordelia was hosting a masquerade ball at her Manor, alongside her Lover Brahm. Unbeknownst to her, Brahm had a wicked plan to Poison her that evening. Unfortunately his plan backfired, although her body died her soul did not. Even as her body began to decompose her soul still inhabited her bones. Forever Carrying around the final rose Brahm gave her before she took her final human Breath. Cursed to live forever with a broken heart. Legend has it, you can still smell her perfume in the Halls of, Grim Manor.


Available in a 10ml glass roller bottle.


(Vegan/Cruelty Free)


Ingredients: essential oils, fragrance oil, fractionated coconut oil.


Please test a patch of your skin before applying, if irritation occurs discontinue use.

Countess Cordelia Perfume Oil