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A fragrance from our Victorian Collection that focuses on the Realm of Countess Cordelia.

Who is Dolly Darling to the Realm of Countess Cordelia? For those of you who are unaware about the Victorian line and who Countess Cordelia is, she is the beautiful skeleton featured in our logo. The Victorian line tells a haunting story about the realm of Countess Cordelia. It features scorned lovers, betrayal, drama, gossip, murder, vengance and MUCH MORE. A graphic novel is currently in the works. We will be slowly introducing you to the characters of the story and their involvement to the plot line.

Dolly Darling is the porcelain baby doll Countess gifts to Brahm the evening of the Dead Of Night Masquerade Ball. Countess used Dolly Darling as a way to tell her Betrothed that she was carrying his child! Countess was carrying dolly, when she fell down dead from poison at the hands of Brahm later that evening. Dolly darling, fell from her arms and crashed to the floor shattering the porcelain that held her together symbolizing The hopes & dreams Countess had for their future. Dolly darling is a testament to Countess’s broken heart & the Betrayal that has taken place that cursed night.

Dolly Darling features key notes of Porcelain, powder, floral, & cream

These Incense are Vegan & Cruelty Free.

These hand-dipped slow-burning sticks will burn for over an hour filling the room with a pleasant aroma, each pack will contain 15 sticks.

Dolly Darling Incense

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