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This Room & Linen spray can be used as both a room deodorizer and as a refresher for linens and bedding. Our sprays come in 4oz glass bottles to protect the integrity of our vegan and cruelty free ingredients! As a reminder this product is Vegan, paraben-free, phthalate-free, sulfate-free, & cruelty-free.

Embrace your divine feminity with GODDESS

Goddess - strawberries, cashmere, rose, vanilla, champagne & cream

10% of every sale goes to various charities which support women empowerment! Every 6 months the charity is swapped out to allow us to support as many women & children as possible! The first charity we are taking donations for is Yoga Gives back

Please visit to learn more about the charity we will be supporting with our Goddess Line 🌺✨

Goddess Room & Linen Spray

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