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A fragrance from our Victorian Collection that focuses on the Realm of Countess Cordelia.

What is Graveyard to the Realm of Countess Cordelia? For those of you who are unaware about the Victorian line and who Countess Cordelia is, she is the beautiful skeleton featured in our logo. The Victorian line tells a haunting story about the realm of Countess Cordelia. It features scorned lovers, betrayal, drama, gossip, murder, vengance and MUCH MORE. A graphic novel is currently in the works. We will be slowly introducing you to the characters of the story and their involvement to the plot line.

Graveyard, is Where all the characters of Our story are buried.

Graveyard Our Signature Scent, is Reminiscent of being buried Alive. This is a very earthy fragrance with signature notes of Roses & Damp Dirt. Each bottle is made with therapeutic grade essential oils and contains Organic crushed rose petals.

This listing is for a 3.4oz bottle of our Graveyard Eau De Parfum.

Graveyard Eau De Parfum 3.4oz

$110.00 Regular Price
$99.00Sale Price
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