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This MEDIUM Incense Mystery Bundle includes 15 incense sticks from a selection of 6 scents from the below list for a total of 6 packs of incense!

All mystery bundles will be different, and chosen at random. Each mystery order will also come with one sample stick of incense from the list below!

Each pack contains 15 sticks. Our incense burn for 1 hour up to 2 hours! Due to the handmade nature of the incense sticks, Burn time varies per stick. Keep incense away from vents, drafty rooms, or open windows to optimize and extend Incense burn time. They are handdipped in our exclusive essential oil blends.

These Incense are Vegan & Cruelty Free.

Tales of Halloween - Come Far and Near as we embark on a journey through FEAR’s Tales of Halloween. This fragrance captures everything we love about Halloween!

(Key Notes: Pumpkins, cinnamon bark, vanilla, apples, acorns, and crisp falling leaves)

Trick or treat - Reminiscent of the bottom of your childhood pumpkin pale. Instantly invokes childhood nostalgia of dumping out your candy, and sorting it into piles on Halloween Night.

(Chocolate, Candy, Plastic pumpkin pale)

Hayride - Full moon high in the sky, Climb aboard the hayride into the corn fields. Cling tight to your loved ones.. Destination: Unknown.

(Pine, dirt, cedar, amber, oakmoss, Ozone, Lettuce, Cinnamon)

Lycan - Dusk is approaching and the full moon is rising, BEWARE, the Lycan comes tonight! (Damp moss, falling leaves, musk, grass, Dirt, Aquatics , Mint & vetiver)

FEAR Ghoul - FEAR ghouls smell like Autumn all year long! Throw on your sweaters, hike up those boots. It’s Halloween Everyday here at FEAR BOOtique!!

(Crisp Autumn air, cedar, smoke, apples, falling leaves & spice)

Death by Apples - Take a stroll through apple orchards, on a crisp autumn just might be your last!

(Red delicious apples, blossoms, crisp autumn air)

Candy Corn - Love them or hate them, these festive holiday candies are here to stay!!

(Sugary sweet candy corn)

EYE SCREAM - sweet vanilla ice cream fried to buttery perfection

Dolly Darling - Porcelain, powder, floral, cream

Zombae Island - bubbly peach, aquatics, white florals, warm sea breeze

Summer of FEAR: sea mist, sand, mandarin, jasmine, & FEAR

Slaughter Beach Party: warm woods, banana, coconut, buttery cream

Sirens Lullaby: tobacco, patchouli, bergamot, cinnamon, light florals

Nefertiti - lotus, gardenia, Sandalwood, aquatics

Nevermore - A dark & stormy night in the world of Poe! Featuring, potted soil, damp air, grass, moss, & a concrete raven statue that has been forever frozen in time.

Sea Witch - tropical rain, exotic flowers, sea breeze

Green witch -Sage brush, fallen leaves, moss, orange, currants, berries

Sky witch - jasmine, fresh spring rain, thunder bolts (meant to mimic the scent of a thunderstorm)

Fire Witch - Oud, Smoke, sandalwood, resin, agarwood

Skeleton Key: patchouli, ginger, vanilla, musk, sage, amber, cedar & cinnamon

Dead of night: Lilies, cherry blossoms, Sandalwood, freesia

Mother’s Slay: fresh cut roses, black currant, balsam, herbs

Killer Clowns: Burnt Sugar Cotton candy, vanilla

Scream Break - melon, citrus, fruit & berries

Sweet Dreams - lavender & coriander

Mourning Bouquet: Mixed roses, wood, dirt, satin

Candied Brains: Sweet jellied brains splattered against wood, amber & moss

Dahlia: Cocoa, sugar, amber, spices, florals

Peep Massacre: Warm sugary marshmallows roasting in a cracking fire

KADBURY Scream: Chocolate, cream, powder & florals

Rottentail: Hyacinth, spring morning dew

Bloody Valentine: Blood Red Strawberries, Decadent Chocolate

Seduction: Berries, Sandalwood, Florals, Nag Champa

Lupercalia: Amber, Neroli, Sandalwood, Oriental flowers

Houdini: Sandalwood, Old Playing Cards, Dragons Blood & Smoke

Boudoir: cream, florals, white amber

Bloodlust: amber, resin, oud, myrrh, frankincense

Brahm: Bold leather, vetiver, patchouli, wood, florals, oak moss

Withering Nymph - Key Notes: Rain, Decay, Moss, Ferns, Sweet Grass


Autumn Twilight - Keynotes: Leaves, Moss, Grass & Dirt


Houdini key notes: Sandalwood, Old Playing Cards, Dragons Blood & Smoke


Samhain: Bubbling Cauldron, Cloves, Incense, Fallen Leaves & Crisp Air.


Grim Manor: Picture An Old Victorian Manor with vines snaking through dark woods & aged bark! Key notes: Velvet, Powder, Florals, Wood & Cashmere.


Haunted Abode: Dusty carpets, Musty old furniture, Cobwebs, Abandoned Aged Wood, Leather Bound Books, & Moss


Coven: Witches gather to lift the veil between the world of the living & the world of the dead. Key Notes: Incense, spices, amber, sandalwood & smoke


Pumpkin Queen: For all you Spooky folks that celebrate Halloween Everyday, we bring you our Pumpkin Queen Incense! Key Notes: pumpkin, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg.


Graveyard: Roses & dirt. Reminiscent of being buried alive! If you’ve tried our mask spray or roll on you are going to love this incense!


Trick or Treat: This incense will be reminiscent of the bottom of your childhood candy pail or pillowcase. It will invoke childhood nostalgia of dumping out your candy, and sorting it into piles on Halloween Night. This has got to be one of my all time favorite Halloween nostalgia scents!


The Lost Carnival: Is made to honor our friends over at Reaper's Revenge Haunted Hayride this scent profile contains Fragrant kettle corn, funnel cake and cotton candy as it fills the air with the energy of an old fashioned carnival that has completely stopped in its tracks, and begun to go AMOK! Get ready to Release your inner clown!!!


Catacombs: Reminiscent of a damp, dark, mysterious tomb that has been hidden away for centuries! This scent is Earthy, bold and wonderful.


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