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Perfume Oil Samples available in 2ml Vials

Listing is for our summer of fear Collection featuring 8 fragrances:

EYE SCREAM - sweet vanilla ice cream fried to buttery perfection 

Dolly Darling - Porcelain, powder, floral, cream 

Zombae Island - bubbly peach, aquatics, white florals, warm sea breeze

Summer of FEAR: sea mist, sand, mandarin, jasmine, & FEAR

Slaughter Beach Party: warm woods, banana, coconut, buttery cream

Sirens Lullaby: tobacco, patchouli, bergamot, cinnamon, light florals

Nefertiti - lotus, gardenia, Sandalwood, aquatics 

Nevermore - A dark & stormy night in the world of Poe! Featuring, potted soil, damp air, grass, moss, & a concrete raven statue that has been forever frozen in time.

Summer of FEAR Perfume Oil Sampler

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