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Our world is in dire need of more justice, equity, healing, and connection. Everywhere you turn, women of color are natural leaders and they are ready to amplify their voices and share solutions to incite real change. We Rise in Power: Amplifying Women of Color and Her Voices for Change brings historically excluded voices to the main stage, and makes “representation” the norm rather than an after-thought. Sharing rich, personal stories of challenge, resilience, and triumph, this book brings together a collective of diverse women from across North America who advocate for social change and offer pathways and strategies for transformative actions. Women of color are risk-takers and game-changers with unique answers for the deep-rooted issues our communities face. They are changing the face of leadership, influence, and power, and activating the shift toward upward growth that our society needs. From building personal strength to rallying large communities, we demand more than just a seat at the table. Women of color are creating new banquet halls that invite courageous actions and innovative solutions, and everyone is welcome as we build a new world vision.


Yoga is a powerful vehicle for creating a fairer and more equal world and, women and children are vital ambassadors for this change. 

Yoga Gives Back is a non-profit and charity organization specifically focused on giving back to India, especially to support the serious challenges of poverty and related social issues.

Yoga Gives Back’s direct impacts in 2022 include providing:

800 elementary students who experienced learning loss during the pandemic school closure with supplementary Math & Science

600 young girls with primary education

550 mothers with micro-loans for their income-earning work

400 boys and girls with five-year scholarships for higher education to aim for college degrees

75 girls from marginalized communities in a safe home with education

33 orphans with a loving home and an education

Continuation of the Pad Project (which provides menstrual equity)

Please, if you feel so inclined to donate to this wonderful organization the link to support can be found here:

We Rise In Power Amplifying Women of Color and Our Voices for Change

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