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1, 2 Freddy’s Coming For You..

Field of Screams in Mountville PA has begun Counting down the days until their grand opening for the 2019 haunting season. Who better to help us count down the days; But their newest FIEND, Freddy.

Freddy appears to be an elf on the shelf with a Freddy Krueger face.. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.

They have been posing him in photos, in typical “Elf on the shelf fashion”. But instead of a cheerful Christmas back drop, Freddy is here to turn your world upside down!

To keep up with Freddy’s antics - Follow us here on FEAR, And make sure to give the Field of Screams Facebook page a follow!

We will be visiting Field of Screams on Saturday September 14th, so a review will be your way; soon! If you can’t wait, feel free to check out our field of screams 2018 review!

Scare ya later!


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