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3, 4 Better lock your door

As promised; We are here to bring you more of Freddy’s adventures!

(One Of these things, is not like the other)

(It’s that time of year again kiddies, I’ll See you in your nightmares!)

As the countdown to Field of screams Opening night continues, Freddy’s adventures seem to be getting more mischievous & dark.

(Sorry Karen, it slipped!)

But we truly wouldn’t change a thing!

(Just clowning around)

There are officially only 18 more days until Field of Screams opens their gates for 2019!

Stay tuned for more of Freddy’s Adventures; next week, here on FEAR!!

Don’t forget to follow Field of Screams on Facebook or visit to see whats in store for you this year! 🎃🔪🖤

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