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A Ghostly Circus Performance in a Cemetery?!

Event Date: Saturday August 10th 2019

Event Location: The Laurel Hill Cemetery Located At; 3822 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19132

Laurel Hill Cemetery Website:

Performance by: 7Textures

7Textures Website:

Another beautiful summer evening was upon us; what better way to spend that lovely summer evening?! In an exquisite 19th century Cemetery, you say?! Better yet, How about we take that cemetery and throw in an elaborate theatrical performance incorporating massive amounts of fire, Aerialists and side show performers! Put it all together; and you get “The Ghostly Circus: Tides of Climates” Performed by the Sensational 7Textures

For its sixth year, The Ghostly Circus galvanized the Laurel Hill Cemetery with a wonderful evening of fiery; elemental entertainment. “Everything is beautiful until the power of fire is delivered to mortals. The Gods must call in the great floods to save the Burning world - will mankind redeem themselves to be worthy of a beautiful Earth?” –Patrice Caron (The Ghostly Circus Stage Manager)

We arrived to the grounds around 7:00pm, and had an opportunity to enjoy some relaxing live music while we waited. There was some light food and beverages available during and after the performance. Beer and wine was also available for purchase for those interested!

The show began at sundown, with a beautifully haunting song that quickly streamlined into one incredible act after another. There were fire jugglers, beautiful chain aerialists, fire wielding roller skaters, Fire breathers, mermaid aerialists, a strong man, a beautiful Venetian styled dancing horse, and that is just to name a FEW of the incredible acts we bared witness to that night.

Every performance was eloquently executed, completely flawless and awe-striking. To say we enjoyed our time at this event is an understatement. This company (7Textures) puts on a show that transports you into a different universe! Between the beautiful music arrangements to the stunning costume and set designs, all the way up to the main headliners – The stunning Performers, themselves!

When the performance ended, the cast invited the audience to come up and dance with them. This led into the cemetery becoming a giant rave! It was such a fun experience. Everyone was very respectful, and the music was AMAZING! The cast showed audience members how to juggle and do tricks with glow in the dark props. The dance party went on for an hour and a half past the end of the show. It was really an experience to be had! We have never done anything like this before and I highly recommend you guys check it out next year when they perform at Laurel Hill Cemetery, Once again!

Make sure to follow our posts closely, if you are interested in seeing more events by 7textures or Laurel Hill Cemetery. As events are brought to my attention; I will make sure to post about them with all of the details for you guys!

*Special Note: When the dance party ended FEAR got asked to cover some exclusive footage from the Cast of 7Textures. It involved ENORMOUS amounts of Fire and CO2. I will provide a link to the full video, along with a sneak peek trailer of the performances that night.*

We apologize in advance some of the videos we captured did not translate appropriately, but for the sake of us wanting you to see the whole performance – we improvised. Bare with us as a couple of the videos will have lower quality recordings off my computer screen! But we refuse to let you guys down! Gotta love technology, right?!

See for yourself just how spectacular this performance really was! For full videos of the entire performance:

Link To the Insider footage:

We are so thankful to have been able to see “Ghostly Circus, Tides of Climates”! We look forward to any and all events they will be performing in the future. There is no way we would miss it, and you shouldn’t either!

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