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Horror Movie Binge

Since I came down with a case of haunters plague I spent the past few days watching Horror movies. I decided to throw them up here for you guys to see. Being sick, I didn’t go crazy with a review. Just focused on some elements and gave it a rating. Feel free to chime in with your thoughts!

First up: “Haunt” 2019

Haunt is A shudder original. It was pretty good, and a lot of fun especially for those who like extreme haunts! Absolutely Loved the makeup in this movie. It had a lot of surprising twists and turns, definitely worth Check it out. Haunt enthusiasts will enjoy this one!

We gave it a 7/10 on the FEAR SCALE.

Next: “Ma” 2019

Ma is a Very eerie film, although; not your typical classic “horror” movie. I’d classify this as more of a psychological thriller. I did not expect the movie to end up going the way it did. The ending was pretty epic! It has a lot of sick and twisted elements in it. Not completely to the level of saw or hostel, but in that realm on an amateurs level! Definitely recommend checking this film out. If you’re looking for horror, classic slasher this is not the film for you, but it won’t disappoint if you have an open mind!

We gave it a 8/10 on the FEAR SCALE.

Next: “Crawl” 2019

Crawl was More of a natural disaster movie then a horror movie. Although it was at times; very suspenseful. There were a lot of sappy, cheesy scenes, which took away from the scare factor for me. Normally this wouldn’t bother me, but it was overly dramatic and sappy in this particular film. Personally, I am not big into the alligator or shark movies (Obviously, jaws being an exception). I still enjoy them; but they are not my FAVORITE! If this is your thing you will probably like it much more than me, but nevertheless; it was still a solid movie. Nothing to rave about, but still worth seeing!

We gave it a 6/10 on the FEAR SCALE.

Last: “The Curse of La Lorena” 2019

This film started out pretty strong, it had me very engaged. The characters were developing well, and the mystery of the weeping woman had me wondering “What’s next?”. After the first 25 minutes the movie began to loose me, the story seemed boring & the scare factor seemed lazy and poorly executed. I remained bored for the entire rest of the film. There was definitely potential here, but it came off very cheesy and it dragged more often than not. I Wouldn’t go out of your way to watch this one, you’ll feel like you’ve wasted your time.

We gave it a 5/10 on the FEAR SCALE.

Out of all the movies on this list:

I would highly recommend checking out “Haunt” for a Slasher, Horror Fix; and “Ma” for a Meniacle revenge thriller (with some sick and twisted death scenes)

Let us know your thoughts!

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