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Thanks to our Amazing Design team over at America’s Best Promos we have some amazing MERCH coming your way!! Alyssa (one of the owners) did an amazing job handling our order from start to finish.

We also have two styles of magnetic bumper stickers that will be available for purchase - VERY SOON!

This is just the beginning, FEAR Fam! We would love to hear YOUR recommendations on what to put up in our shop!

Art design styles (vintage, pin up, universal monsters, classic horror, etc!)

Product ideas (beauty care, home decor, clothing, kitchenware, props, art, purses, wallets, etc).

We are working on Wholesale deals as well! Let us know, what companies or businesses products that you would like to see for sale here at FEAR!

We are so thankful for all of your continued support! We look forward to bringing you a bunch of awesome content as we near the beginning of the 2019 Haunt Season- Next Week!!!

Stay tuned for the Release of our OFFICIAL 2019 Haunt Tour later this week.

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