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Welcome to the FEAR Family!!!

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

It's been a super busy and productive day at FEAR Headquarters!! As you all know we launched the website today, and released the first review of 2019!

We are SO excited about sharing our journey with you all. Thank you for becoming part of the FEAR Family! Your #1 destination for all things spooky!

We look forward to bringing you YEAR ROUND Spooky Goodness! We will cover content including but not limited to; Haunted Attractions, Horror Movies, Spooky products, all types of Events from Dark & Spooky to Kid Friendly & Fall Oriented, to Spooky Recipes & Beverages, Lore & Paranormal Explorations.

As we grow we will continue to expand upon our content. The more feedback the better as we want to provide you all with the content you will enjoy!!

Don't forget to check out our facebook at:

And our youtube channel at:

We also made an official promo video for the website.

If you get a second to check it out, let us know what you think!

Later this week we will be releasing our 2019 Haunt Tour Schedule

Make sure to subscribe to our email list; You will be notified Once our Haunt Tour is posted! If there are haunts you would like coupon codes for; make sure to drop a comment. We will be sure to send them your way!


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