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"We're friends 'til the end, remember?" - Chucky

“Child’s Play” 2019 Review:

Wow, I was pleasantly surprised with the way this movie turned out!

I should preface this with saying that the original child’s play has been my favorite horror movie since I was 6 years old. I grew up with the original doll concept who was voiced by Brad Dourif and who came from the wonderful mind of Don Mancini.

I was excited when I heard there was another child’s play movie coming out! It then came to my attention that the film would be going in a completely different direction than the original movies. I can’t say I wasn’t skeptical. But I will say; I was glad that they openly expressed they weren’t trying to “remake” the movie — that made it easier for me to take a step back and accept the movie for what it is. Originally hearing that it would be about AI technology, I thought it would be very cheesy but I was in fact pleasantly surprised By the outcome. I highly recommend you go into this movie with a complete open mind. If you’re a huge Child’s Play (original) super fan like myself —you can’t look at it as a “Child’s Play remake” or “reboot”. I completely emotionally and mentally removed myself from any expectations of the original film and when I did that I thoroughly enjoyed the film. Once I got past the absolutely HORRENDOUS design of the BUDDI doll, that is. The movie is very slow in the beginning and takes a solid 20 minutes to really get going. It’s very funny and cheesy in the beginning and as the movie begins to build it gets darker and darker until all hell breaks loose leading up to the INSANE finale.

In my opinion they executed the movie very well. The characters were strong. I liked that they stayed true to the original names of the main characters. It was fun to see the direction they were taking the movie in. As attached as I am to Brad Dourif and his execution of Chucky, I must say Mark Hamill did an excellent job. The overall concept of the film really reminded me of a very dark version of black mirror. Being a huge dark mirror fan I think that’s another reason why I enjoyed this movie so much! For me being as biased as I am, to say I thoroughly enjoyed the movie is saying a lot about the film. I’m sure they’re going to be plenty of people who hate it just as much as they’re going to be plenty of people who love it. I can’t emphasize enough that you really need to go in with an open mind and you cannot tie the original films to this movie whatsoever. If you do you’re going to hate it and I can almost guarantee you that. But, Go into it with an open mind..and you most likely will enjoy it!

It’s not a conventional horror movie at all. It’s far more funny and clever as far as its approach and delivery.

I give it a 7/10 on the FEAR scale, 7/10 on the GORE scale and a 9/10 on the FUN scale!

I absolutely recommend this movie. If you got a chance to see CHILD'S PLAY yet; or if you plan on seeing it, I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments below 🔪🖤

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