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Your Favorite Candy Classics Are here, With a Spooky Twist!

Halloween time always seems to bring out our inner child.

When you think of Halloween, as a child; what do you remember?

Most would say, the costumes, decorations...

The vibe..and; the CANDY, of course!!

So many classic candy brands Have begun to adapt Spooky alternatives to our beloved treats.

Let’s take a closer look:

Cadbury Screme Egg - The Cadbury creme egg has been a beloved Easter favorite since 1971. Now, Inside the same milk chocolate shell of these Cadbury cream eggs you will find a shocking green surprise. This treat is so good it will make you, “Scream”.

M & M’s White Pumpkin Pie - Delicious white chocolate centers flavored with pumpkin pie spice and covered in orange white and brown candy shell.

Reese‘s pieces pumpkin - What’s better than a Reese’s peanut butter cup? Well if you’re an extreme Halloween fan, you anxiously await the arrival of the Reeses pumpkin each season. Now, what’s better than a Reese’s pumpkin? A Reesie’s pumpkin with Reese‘s pieces bites inside of it!

M&M’s White candy corn - Don’t let Candy corn in the name scare you. These candy corn flavored white chocolate Versions of the Classic M&M’s are to die for. They taste enough like the original candy but without the overwhelming sugary bitterness that candy corn Packs.

Hersheys candy corn bar - The original Hersheys white chocolate candy bar that you love; now with candy corn crème and candy bits! Again, don’t be discouraged by the name. It’s tastes very little like the original candy and focuses more on the good flavors within the classic treat!

These are just to name a few, of the amazing additions to our fall favorite classics. We will report back with more options as we find them!

What has been your favorite Spooky candy or treat you’ve tried so far this season?! Share your suggestions and comments, below! 🎃🖤

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